New Invasion: Eastgate Comic Con!

On December 9, 2022, IKV Executioner member IXL 2nd Lt. Way’nar tai-Barr’ak and IXL Cadet 2nd Lt. E’va tai-Barr’ak boldly invaded a brand new convention organized by Eastgate Comics (their store is in High Point, NC)! The coordinates for the convention were at the Marriott Convention Center near the airport in Greensboro, NC.

This scouting mission was primarily to open communication for the future. The plan is to possibly set up a space to allow KAG members to acquire Bounties, a Mandalorian term, otherwise known as fundraising for charity and recruiting of future warriors for fellowship in the new area.

Eastgate Comics’ next convention will be May 21, 2023. Start sharpening your bat’leths now!

IXL 2nd Lt. Way’nar tai-Barr’ak of Mandalore

Con organizers with Way’nar
Federation meets Mandalorian in service to KAG!