Matthews Comicon Recon Mission

On January 28, 2023 the Glorious Klingon privateer vessel, the KPV Krimson Fury, was sent on a reconnaissance mission to the new Matthews Comicon while other Warriors invaded elsewhere.

LT. Commander Dronoss vestai-Hov che’ and LT Commander Krikala vestai-Hov che’ interacted with the locals to see if it was worthy of a Klingon invasion.

It may take further reconnaissance before a decision is made.

The honorable crew of the KPV Krimson Fury took part in what the huMans called a “costume contest” (what costumes?) for a chance to win much Latinum, but did not succeed due to a possible Romulan conspiracy.

Much fun was had that day; maybe we will return in full force……QAPLA’!

Lt. Commander Dronoss vestai-Hov che’ Co for the KPV Krimson Fury