Klingons in Wonderland

03/25/23 Reported by Kib’Tore C/O IKV taj HeH.

Hearing reports of a missing human child the taj HeH crew assembled to assist in finding Alice. In attendance were 2nd LT. Ari promoted today for her uniform, 2nd LT. B’Rel, cadet Ava, and cadet Rebecca. Upon arrival it was determined that an entity known as the Queen of Hearts had abducted the child and the crew was forced to complete task for the locals of Wonderland to obtain information on the Queens whereabouts. The crew pulled together to answer impossible riddles facing off against the twins better known as Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum. The cadets knowledge of this planetary system and its strange culture proved an invaluable asset as the quickly ascertained that these twins were actually gate keepers of the queen. After we dispatched them the race was on as we ran a few blocks to catch the Queen and defeat her. The human child Alice was recovered unharmed thanks to the courage and bravery shown by the crew. The taj HeH finished in fourth place of 17 teams and cadet Rebecca won best mini player.