Susan Aline Ives (Captain K’Eliy epetai-Ansara)

Susan Aline Ives:

Born-19MAR59-Stand Down-28JUN17

Daughter of NormaJean Hartford and Minister Ashley J. Ives (of Blessed Memory)

Wife of Lloyd Kirk Stapler (of Blessed Memory)

Musician, local radio personality

B.S. in Social Sciences/Radio-T.V.-Film Kansas State University

Educator-Kansas Junior College/Kansas City, MO/USA

SCI-FI Fan-Commanding Officer IKV Midnight Legend

Much honor and friendships were had. Lives were touched and brightened by K’Eliy Epetai-Ansara. Her loss is felt throughout KAG. Education, academia, music, fandom and again, her friendships, suffer the loss of her. Sto-vo-kor is strengthened by her presence by being at the Table of the Honored of qeylIS…

KAI KASSAI Captain K’Eliy Epetai-Ansara, adopted Daughter of House Trekkan, Administrator on Kurkura Hall of Warriors, honored friend


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