FedCon 31, Bonn, Germany

FedCon 31

Honored warriors, heed my words! You shall curse your ancestors for a hundred generations if you miss the next glorious battle of FEDCON!

The crew from Outpost Europe of the Global fleet: myself –  Tyami QanaSon, Mícheál O’Reilly and Hovbe Athena Kurkura-K’Raa, warriors of many different cultures, attended this year’s battle in Bonn. We were lucky to be brought together and to be given the opportunity to understand the cultures of distant lands.

To master Bonn in the land of DoyIchlan (Germany) is as easy as vanquishing a Ferengi! Its trusty steed-masters and the solar fires burning bright in the sky will stand by you. This is the realm where the great warrior of sounds, Ludwig van Beethoven, was forged. It has a botanical sanctuary, an ancient fortress from medieval times, and many museums, all ready to fall before you. Often, it’s easier to boast of visiting the birthplace of a great sound-warrior than admitting your journey to a Star Trek battle summit.

The Day of Awakening. The mighty Maritim stronghold welcomed us, the aficionados of Star Trek and other tales of space and time, with open gates. We had to give much time not just for the moments of intrigue, but also for heated exchanges over well-brewed bloodwine – a costly sacrifice indeed.

Upon our arrival, we saw the long line of warriors at the registration outpost. Entry was a game of the strong. We were given the Bands of Honor, never to be removed, were to grace our arms for three sun cycles. Various trinkets were there for the taking – war sacks, warrior tunics, and keys of remembrance. Three grand halls in the stronghold were dedicated to the trade of these mementos of battle, and we brought a shipload back to our outpost.

We stood face to face with Marina Sirtis – Counselor Troi, Terry Farrell, formidable Klingon Jadzia Dax, and John de Lancie – the omnipotent Q. We encountered George Takei, known to many as Captain Sulu, his space nemesis Judson Scott (Joachim), and his star-daugter Jacqueline Kim (Demora Sulu).

Richard Poe, who played the deceitful Romulan Gul Evek, was in our presence, as were the feeble Terrans who first dared the vastness of space: Connor Trinneer, the one known as Trip Tucker III, and Dominic Keating, who plays Malcolm Reed. A new star shone bright among us – Christina Chong, who brought La’an Noonien-Singh to life.

There were warriors from other star-born tales as well: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, the mighty Tony Amendola, known to many as Jaffa Bra’tac, Joel Flanigan. Many others were there too, each contributing to the great spectacle.

We also honored the valiant crew of the terran explorers from ESA. With their mighty presentations, they lit the torch of knowledge and led us through the labyrinth of new learnings. Their wisdom and bravery shall echo through the halls of our memories.

We roared in the glory of these renowned warriors, each a paragon in their own right. Let the songs of this encounter echo in the halls of Sto-Vo-Kor!

All were equally impressive, stirring the blood of the crowd. Thunderous applause often turned into war chants as we, the audience, refused to let our warrior-heroes leave the battlefield.

As the day retired, the nocturnal festivities took over. Every night, we stormed the stronghold’s dance arena, celebrating the victory of the day with the very legends themselves! The spirit of FedCon is like the fire of a Klingon’s heart, impossible to describe, but needs to be experienced! Ready your bat’leths for May 10th – 12th, 2024, in Bonn at FedCon 32! Qapla’!

Behold, fellow warriors! The tales of our valor are immortalized, ready to be relived:

And our battle memories live on, captured in the frozen moments of time – our trophies of war: