Fantasm – A Horror Convention in Orlando

Sept. 15 – 17, 2023

Since there were several other conventions in the area that weekend, the Phoenix Rising Quadrant Commander and the local Klingon Ambassador along with members of the USS Haven and a Mandalorian; set up a Klingon Embassy for convention attendees to learn about Klingon society.

Many photos of the participants were captured while on the chair, brandishing various Klingon weapons. Klingon DarSeqmey were distributed, KAG key chains and brochures were given out. The belly dancing troupe even captured Ambassador K’arm and myself for their dance circle.

Fantasm was a small convention this tie as there were four other conventions happening the same weekend. But it was enjoyable and we met a lot of new, to KAG, people who I hope will be giving our group a look in the future.

 *raised $142 for Special Olympics*