Who dares enter the domain of the DEMON FLEET?!?




What is this dreadful ‘Demon Fleet’ I’ve heard so much about?

Consider it ‘KAG Klassik’. KAG was simpler before the days of names like “Lieutenant Commander veqlargh sutai-Kurkura, Second Genetic’s Assistant of the Imperial Legionaire Vessel Bloody Death, of such-and-such a sub-Quadrant, of such-and-such a Fleet, of such and such a Division of the Klingon Assault Group.” Before those days, one of the only literary works defining Klingon Kulture was John M Ford’s novel “THE FINAL REFLECTION.” In it, titles were much simpler and bolder. “I am Koth of the BortaS, and this ship is my prize.”

Only Cap’n Jack knows just how many ships are in the Demon Fleet. Some make their presence boldly known, while others are cloaked in utter darkness.

THE DEMON FLEET dispenses with bureaucracy and paperwork. It’s a community of pirates, privateers, artists and madmen.

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