Conover Comic Con — June 3, 2023

This year Conover Comic Con’s summer show was held June 3rd 2023 at The Heritage Barn (2575 Emmanuel Church Rd, Conover, NC 28613). The IKS OBLIVION crew participated in a first contact mission at the Conover Comic Con new location.

Because the location was so small a KAG recruitment and donations table was not possible. Instead the crew turned the mission into one to try and increase the warrior ranks of the Klingon Empire among the attending populous.

All in all it was a good mission for IXL Cadet 2LT Eva tai-Barr’ur  in her quest to have a 100-man crew of plushies! If the location stays the same for future conventions, I do foresee much benefit in trying to establish a KAG table.

For more information on their upcoming convention, go to their website or their Facebook page or send a message to: [email protected]

IXL 2Lt Way’nar tai-Barr’ur, CO IKS OBLIVION

IXL Cadet 2Lt Eva “Possum” tai-Barr’ur, Crewmen IKS OBLIVION