ConCarolinas June 2-4, 2023

ConCarolinas is the longest running convention in the Carolinas. On June 2-4, 2023, the Klingon Assault group, led by the IKV Executioner on Friday, once again attended the convention after a long hiatus. The Executioner has been with ConCarolinas since their beginning, but unable to attend each year. We had offered Klingon Karaoke to the convention, but they already had a karaoke plan. Maybe next year. For more information on ConCarolinas go to their webpage at or check them out on Facebook.

This year the convention was held in two venues: the traditional location of the Hilton Charlotte University Place hotel and across the main highway, the Holiday Inn Charlotte University. A shuttle service connected the attendees to the Holiday Inn and back.

The first wave of the KAG invasion came in the form of the IKV Executioner. I scouted out our site (it had been changed) and ended up on the lobby floor in the far side of the hotel next to a huge glass window area. On our left was Crossroads, a Star Trek fan film organization, spearheaded by Frank and Donna Parker (KAG members) and on the other side was the SCA. We saw retired KAG member, James Morrow aka Marine Col. Achbar of House Kurkura, there.

It was a good location overall except for one tiny detail. The sun shown through the glass in the morning and the heaters were on behind us. The Dark Moon Fleet banner helped a lot to deter the heat flow. Several requests to management to turn the heat off were ignored. We survived despite it. A perk of our location was a blue spotlight that shown up on the wall beside the Dark Moon Fleet banner and added atmosphere to our already excellent set up! No fundraising at this convention, just awareness and recruitment.

Day 1 — I went Classic and Lt. Cmdr. Katkith vestai (Andy Fairbanks) went cloaked. There was a modicum of traffic past the KAG table, but mostly the day was uneventful. When our neighbors began to close down for the evening, we did the same. I packed everything up but the table cloths and a few handouts and took it back to the room. I remember years ago the USS Hornet had their model ship stolen from a ConCarolinas so I did not want a repeat of that with our collectibles. Katkith and I ate at a nearby Mexican restaurant across the lake.

Day 2 — I dressed Imperial and once again Katkith prowled the con cloaked. I was very pleased to see the KPV Krimson Fury crew arrive to enjoy the day and help man the table. Lt. Cmdrs. Dronoss and Krikala of House Hov che’ (Brian and Kitty Spruill) were also dressed in Imperial. .

I am very pleased to inform Dark Star Quadrant that we were joined by Caitian Warrior at Large, IXL 2nd Lt. Lysander Leonine tai (Evan Whittington), in Classic uniform! Leo provided ambiance and also participated in the Costume Contest later in the day. IXL 1st Lt. Kukana vestai-B’ry of the IKV Stonedagger beamed down and helped man the table as well. Qapla’ to both Warriors! An additional treat was discovering a cloaked Lt. Cmdr. K’Trava vestai-Septaric, of the IKV Stormbringer, among the convention workers! Good to see you, Sister!

After the breakdown, the battle-weary, heat-tempered KAG members crossed the lake to feast at a nearby Noodle Shop. They had very few staff and the wait was almost unbearable, but the food was good. Achbar joined us later. Afterwards, the warrriors parted for the evening. Leo could only spare one day to serve the Empire and had to fly back to his home coordinates. Thank you, Warrior! Let us meet in battle again one day.

Day 3 — The final day of battle began with packing up the temporary coordinates and transporting them down to the KAG table. The SCA had abandoned their post, so I confiscated their table and expanded the KAG presence. (We must grow to survive!)

Once again the IKV Executioner reported downstairs to man the KAG table. It was a day like the others: some attention, some possible recruitment, fellowship with each other and neighbors.

A good time was had by the Executioner and Krimson Fury crews and the other Warriors who stopped by. It is hopeful that the convention organizers will consider bringing back Klingon Karaoke next year. Qapla’!

IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric, CO IKV Executioner, CO Dark Star Quadrant, IXL Legate DSQ