Carolina Renaissance Faire Invasion aka Shore Leave!

On November 12th 2022 the mighty KAG vessels IKV Executioner and KPV Krimson Fury joined forces once again to invade the Carolina Renaissance Faire in Concord NC.

It was a smaller landing party including Lt. Cmdr. Krikala vestai-Hov Che’, Lt. Cmdr. Dronoss vestai-Hov Che’, who were joined by other friends at the Faire, and and IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric.

It is recorded in the High Council records that in the few days prior to the invasion, Lt. Cdrs. Dronoss and Krikala were named CO and XO of the Krimson Fury! Glory and Honor to their House and to Q’Lorta of the House of Q’audill who granted the honor!

We warriors enjoyed comedy shows by the London Broil Jugglers and other performances throughout the day. Lt. Cdrs. Dronoss and Krikala joined in the huMan festivities of a “Costume Contest” in their Klingon Pirate disguises. Their performance was greatly enjoyed by the onlookers and cheered on by their comrade and friends.

Giant meatbird legs were eaten by several members of the party with much gusto. Sadly, no one in the park had bloodwine and we were forced to try a huMan drink called Mead. It was no substitute, but was satisfactory.

Our landing party was recognized by many as fierce warriors of the Klingon Empire and we were often hailed with shouts of “Qapla’!” as we walked past.

The ancient earth costumes and customs that were on display were interesting, but much more familiar to us was the huMan’s comportment with much shouting, drinking, and sharp weapons.

We look forward to invading this event again in the future! Qapla’!

Lt. Cmdr. Krikala Vestai-Hov Che’, XO KPV Krimson Fury