AER: Toronto Comicon

Stardate: 201303.09-10
Award: battle notch
Strategy Mark: Krikor

Krikor’s Log: After receiving a last minute confirmation that KAG would indeed be getting a fan table (and two passes) to this convention, we quickly scrambled to put together a presentation.  Although the con listed us under the wrong club name, they made up for it by shifting the positions of the clubs so that the Toronto Steampunk Society (which shares several members with KAG) was adjacent to us.  We were also surprised to have an available power outlet at the table.

Saturday morning started early as I was asked to be part of a “Star Trek vs Star Wars” bit on CP24 Breakfast on television, before going down to the con.  Myself and a couple of members of Star Trek Day Toronto (in Feddie uniforms) faced off against Roy “Vader” Mitchell and some of his troopers from the 501st.  They gave us a script but apparently did not give one to the on air talent; the result was rather painful:

Once we got to the con, we set up the table, including a dummy with the partially-completed Klingon Superman costume I was working on.  For part of the day I wore my Klingon Green Lantern.  We gave out lots of KAG business cards, and spoke to several people who seemed eager to join KAG.  Sunday was more of the same, except I wore Kligon Batman.  T’Ark and Sh’yera wore TOS uniforms and helped man the KAG table and the TSS table at the same time.

Over the weekend, we did several media interviews, gave out almost a hundred KAG business cards, and talked to several people who seemed enthusiastic about joining KAG.  M’Rel (and the slideshow she set up once she realized we’d have power) were instumental in our recruiting drive.  We’ll have to see if the roboapps start pouring in over the next few days.  One thing we did not do was see the TNG cast, who were all at this con.

Here’s one article that misquotes me (I love velcro; I don’t trust glue):

In addition to our uniformed members, several other members were seen around the convention in human guise: K’Tarra, Kujin, wejpong (Bayley), K’Lel.  Members attending in uniform receive a battle notch.  With her first battle notch, Sh’yera proves herself to be a Warrior.

Attending in uniform:

Krikor (Krikor Ajemian)
Sh’yera (Jenna Buhlman)
T’Ark (Todd Clark)
M’Rel (Merle Metalin)

Log ends.