AER: Star Trek Beyond Premiere

Star Trek Beyond 02

These are the voyages of the IKV Raptor’s Heart. It’s continuing mission; to patrol the Cold Death and Cold Blood Quadrants; to seek out new challenges and new Klingons. To honorably go where ever we want:

Earth Date: July 22, 2016. We established geosynchronous orbit over the Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater in Omaha, Nebraska and beamed ourselves down. We discovered a Star Wars themed lobby of the theater and quickly occupied its throne room and Death Star. Many planets were destroyed by members of our crew. Several patrons of the theater express interested in obtaining photographic images with us, so we complied. After about an hour we entered the theater and viewed this newest piece of Federation propaganda. And found it enjoyable
This was hopefully the first of many activities with this theater in the Omaha area, as we are already working on new ideas for next time.

Afterwards, LTCDR Akela sutai-K’Tor, Lt. Qurras vestai-Kurkura, 2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K’Tor, 2nd Lt. Cho’pek tai-K’Tor, Lance Corporal Kor’taj, Lance Corporal Karhammur and I returned to the Raptor’s Heart.

2nd Lt. Jorn tai-VamPyr reporting.
Star Trek Beyond 03

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