AER: One Day At Anime Nebraskon

On November 3, 2018, Commander of the IKV Heart of Honor headed to Omaha from our home base in Kearney to assist the IKV Raptor’s Heart with activities at the annual Anime Nebraskon convention. There was only one panel held by the ship that day, but it was a fun one. The rest of the time spent in Omaha in discussion with the Raptor’s Heart Commander and First Officer on how the two ships will coordinate joint activities.

It was decided Lt. Ja’Jim will remain on the roster of the Raptor’s Heart as Liason Officer to coordinate activities. It was further decided that expanses for booths at conventions for the two ships will be shared between the two ships. Also to be shared are materials for panels as well as any information and ideas that will benefit both ships and KAG in general.

We look forward to the future and our ongoing relationship with the Raptor’s Heart.

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