AER: Klingon Rumpus 2018 – Timmins, ON

“Let the wild rumpus start!” — Maurice SendakWhere The Wild Things Are

Greetings, fellow SuvwI’pu’!
Commander jenbom of the IKV batlh qa’ reporting back on the festivities that were the Klingon Rumpus… I am absolutely gob-smacked by what the crew of the Crimson Dawn pulled off! I don’t think we could have crammed more into a weekend if we tried.

First, I was so proud to represent the IKV batlh qa’ up in Canada for the weekend. I drove 746 miles to get there from Chicago! Crossing over the Mackinac Bridge reminded me of going through my Age of Ascension ritual as a child…terrifying but as the saying goes…. not qoHpu”e’ neH ghIjlu’… (Only fools have no fear.)  And that bridge will strike fear into you if the weather conditions are right! After 2 days of driving through 3 states and 1 province, I arrived in Timmins, Ontario, along with Klingons from all over Ontario and made my way to the Meet & Greet Fire where we gathered around & everyone got their first tastes of Compass Brewing’s HIchop and I got to tell everyone about my new found love of Canadian snack foods (Oh, my Kahless….ketchup chips).

But the real fun started on Saturday when we all met up in costume at Christopher’s Coffee House, got a good qa’vIn buzz rolling & then hit the streets for pictures. We raided the streets and marched on City Hall where the Klingon flag was proudly flying all week! From there, we moved to Comic-Con Timmins & joined the rest of the cosplaying locals, artists, writers, and more! One of the local restaurants had an offer for attendees of the con, so off we shuttled to Holy Cow Indian to lunch on delicious food & free samosas before the big silent auction & charity party at The Working Class. And what a party it was! Silent auction items rolled in from 3 of the Star Trek Discovery Klingon actors as well as a limited edition #WeWantWorf canvas signed by Michael Dorn that was sent by Gaaays In Spaaace! Everything was donated to support Wounded Warriors Canada’s PTSD Service Dog program for Canadian veterans. There were 2 beers brewed just for the weekend, Compass Brewing’s HIchop (Bite Me!) American Brown Ale and Full Beard Brewing’s Warrior’s Beard lopno”a’ HIq Chocolate Chili Stout. Both breweries were donating proceeds from those beer sales to Wounded Warriors as well. And during the silent auction, I brought the Klingon Pop Warrior love, including a brand new song just for the event!

Sunday kicked off with breakfast a Mikes for a large part of the crew and from there we made our way to Science Timmins where they opened the doors just for us & even gave us a tour of the Timmins sky in their inflatable planetarium. And then it was beer time! First stop, Compass Brewing for flights & a tour! Some of us went out for all-you-can-eat sushi and tlharnoQ & I snuck off for Pokemon Go raid and then it was pizza & beer at Full Beard Brewing to finish off an absolutely amazing weekend. Truly, the Timmins Klingons know how to roll out the welcome mat & create a spectacular weekend! Battle notches were well-earned by all who participated!

Qapla’ batlh je! Success & Honor!
Commander jenbom sutai-toQqul
Communications Officer — IKV batlh qa’ – Chicago, IL