AER: Klingon Cultural Symposium and Klingon Pop Warrior Kickstarter Party

Qapla’, KAG!

jenbom, communications officer of the IKV batlh qa’, here to communicate with you about a glorious win for the Klingon Empire in Chicago on Sunday, November 9, 2014!

What started as a fun meetup with a few of my Kickstarter backers quickly got embraced by the wonderful folks at GeekBar Chicago and my small backer meetup turned into an entire Klingon Cultural Symposium! I decided to live by the motto — Hoch ‘ebmey tIjon! (Capture all opportunities!)

Once I realized how much bigger the event was, I immediately got to work contacting my ship commander and Commedia Beauregard and together we created an event to remember!

After spending an hour hanging out with my honorable Kickstarter backers, I took to the center of the room and had everyone who knew it singing the Warrior Anthem. Then I introduced the fantastic folks of Commedia Beauregard Chicago. Cast members of their upcoming A Klingon Christmas Carol  production performed a scene from the show and sang Klingon carols and mingled with the guests.

Commander Marok vestai-toQqul set up an incredible display of his weaponry and Emira was there representing our ship in true fancy Klingon fashion. The IKV Lollipop made an appearance and I, Lieutenant jenbom tai-toQqul, debuted my CD, Warrior Woman, in public for the very first time and received a promotion from Commander Marok while hanging out with some of my biggest Kickstarter backers!

The folks at GeekBar created an incredible bloodwine and Romulan ale that washed down a lot of tasty grub like ‘The Unsullied’ (giant deep-fried mac & cheese balls) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed pizzas! tlhawabang’a’!!! (Get it?)

We sang the Klingon drinking song and battled the afternoon away like true warriors. There was also a lot of laughter and smiles which went a long way in dispelling myths about Klingons not having a sense of humor! We definitely hope to do more events with GeekBar in the future and continue to build upon the incredible reputation Commander Marok has established here in Chicago!

ta’mey Dun, bommey Dun!

Lieutenant jenbom tai-toQqul
Communications Officer
IKV batlh qa’