AER: Hijacked Fan Film

Stardate: 201305.14
Award: battle notch

Krikor’s Log: K’Lel and I donned our Klingon uniforms to shoot some scenes in the parking lot and back corridors of a mall in the Toronto area, for a fan film being put together by KAG-friend Adam Blendick. Potential recruit Alex Kung was also on hand. I will provide links to the finished product when it becomes available.

After filming, K’Lel and I went downtown to the Nerd Mafia Pub Night. Since they were having a Trek theme, we kept our uniforms on. I snagged some posters for ST:ID, and managed to get some photos with friends wearing the spare forehead I had with me.

All taking part in the filming receive a battle notch. K’Lel, with his seventh notch, becomes a Superior Warrior.

Attending in uniform:

Krikor (Krikor Ajemian)
K’Lel (David Ross)

Log ends.