AER: Free Comic Book Day

Stardate: 201305.05
Award: battle notch

Personal Log of Ryu No Kage, CO, IXLV Kaji Kuro:

Merchants come and go
tempting us with their treasures
calling as they can
with splendid visions called free
and with wondrous sights for our eyes
if only for a brief moment

Some many years ago, the book-sellers were not doing well. For even the greatest Ferengi finds trouble in selling to a shrinking market. So it came to pass, a radical idea, planned, strategized, and hatched. Special books, mere teasers of the real ones, would be printed and placed deeply within each store. The foolish and the unwary would be drawn in to grab them, and so might remain for a time and so be enticed to spend their cash on what was for sale. Much lie bait in a trap this worked and had continued to across the years.

Free Comic Book Day is still spoken of with wonder by the shops it has saved, though not all survived the lean years. But where one falls another rises to take its place. So it was that the two of us resolved to investigate one of these new ones. A place named for a great if (mostly) mythical city, a place called Gotham.

Of the store itself I will say little, for in truth I did not see all that much of it, mostly due to the number of people in it and the difficulty in navigating much of the area. I will say that it was better than many I have seen, if not for the long lines and the many standing so to block paths it might have been a pleasant place to shop. As things were though, I would have been hard pressed to even carry my batleth, let alone swing it.

Still despite this I do carry some fond memories of that visit, mostly as I encountered a group of people who were as enthusiastic about their fandom as we are apt to be. True they were called to ‘hero’ comics, but that in the end is unimportant. I shared a number of laughs with a fellow who shared my coloration (green), and invited him to seek us out and perhaps join our mighty legion. Will he do so, I know not, but it is the inviting that matters, for without that there is no results.

After some time passed there we traveled across to a known market and looked about for a while. Some merchants were welcoming, some were not, some could not even be easily found, and so perhaps missed possible sales. Following this, after scouting a local attraction (fighter simulators) we visited a new eatery specializing in “Greek” foods. The prices were quite reasonable, and the portions well suited to our tastes. I have little doubt that Xyannis and I may well return there.

Krikor’s log, supplemental: Attending members receive a battle notch.

Ryu No Kage (Chris Harrison)
Xyannis (Lisa Nassy-Harrison)

Log ends