AER: CP24 “Family Feud”

Stardate: 201305.19
Award: battle notch

Krikor’s Log: M’Rel and I, along with potential recruit Troy “Tron” Bowman appeared in Klingon uniform alongside several friends in Feddie outfits at the television studios of CP24 to shoot a bit for their breakfast show. It was a “Family Feud” style game show, to publicize the new movie. It was slightly better done than the last time we did a similar bit (during Toronto comicon weekend in March), but still kinda stupid. If you really want to see for yourself, the link is here:

We also shot more scenes for the “Hijacked” fan film.

All KAG members attending in uniform receive a battle notch.


Krikor (Krikor Ajemian)
M’Rel (Merle Metalin)

Log ends

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