AER: Ad Astra

Stardate: 201304.05-07
Award: battle notch

Krikor’s Log: Having missed this Toronto convention last year due to work, I was looking forward to Ad Astra. M’Rel and I had volunteered to work the consuite, so as soon as we arrived Friday afternoon, we pitched in with the setup. This kept us busy for the next few hours, until it was time to get changed for the evening’s parties. Before levaing the consuite, we dug into a few “Walking Tacos” (bag of Doritos, crushed and slit open, with meat and taco fixings thrown into the bag, eaten with a fork). Yum. Our first stop was the NASFIC in Detroit in 2014 bid party. We got some interesting photos in our togas (did I mention we were wearing togas?). Our next stop was the SUperhero Toga Party. AS I hinted, m’Rel and I were dressed appropriately. M’Rel wore a Klingon Green Lantern toga, and I wore a Klingon Batman toga. After the toga party we hit the Lego room, where we saw some amazing models and dioramas. Since we were commuting to the con, and had managed to snag a lift home, we left that night before the parties were over.

Saturday we arrived at the con shortly before noon. While dropping our stuff in the consuite, I had the chance to loan new recruit M’rok a TOS vest for him to wear for the day, I also changed into armor, and M’Trel and I were in time for an informative panel on silicone for costumes and props. After that M’Rel went wandering and visiting friends while I got roped into a panel on Costume problem solving. At 3pm, M’Rel went to a chocolate tasting while I attended a Cosplay and Photography Walkabout, followed by a Steampunk High Tea Duel (I was eliminated in the first round; that’s how the cookie crumbles). After that we snacked and chatted with friends for a few hours, until it was time for the evening activities. M’rel got suited up and we went to the masquerade, followed by the Heather Dale concert ( At M’rel’s request, she was nice enough to play “our” song ( After the concert, I got out of my armor and threw on my bat-cape for the dance. We spent the next few hours at room parties and the dance, and left for home in the wee hours.

Sunday we worked the consuite in our TOS uniforms (T’Ark was also in TOS that day), and I went to a panel or two. While I was gone, M’rel had the good fortune to be offered a free batleth from a couple who were downsizing their collection of Trek memorabilia. It was a beautiul blade; M’Rel was very excited. We helped set up the Dead Dog, and stayed for longer than we had intended, chatting with old friends and new, including guest of honor Ben Bova.

I wouldn’t have expected much recruiting opportunities from Ad Astra, as it is mostly a litereary convention. But not only did I measure M’Rok for a TOS vest of his own, I also did the same for a couple of friends who are not KAG members yet. They are planning to wear them to the movie opening in May; I told them the vest came with a free KAG membership. We’ll see if they fill out roboapps.

In addition to our uniformed members, several other KAG members were at the con in human (or other) guise: Z’tanna, Sh’yera, K’Lark, Kujin, K’Tass, K’Lel, K’Taarr, K’Tarra, Warg, Meqron, D’Rok’h. Those attending in uniform receive a battle notch. New recruit M’rok, with his first battle notch, is now a Warrior.

Krikor (Krikor Ajemian)
T’Ark (Todd Clark)
M’Rok (Marco Marrocco)
M’Rel (Merle Metalin)

Log ends