AER – 5/13/23 – Fun with Frakes in Chattanooga

On May 13, 2023, IXL Major Kavura vestai-K’cep and IXL Major N’ayr sutai-K’cep made the trek to Chattanooga, TN for Metrotham Con, the little con with the tongue-twister name. We were pleased to represent our ship, the XLV Predator, based in Nashville, TN. We had our own fan table, complete with a bat’leth, disruptor, and Phoenix Rising Quadrant banner. Our Andorian mascot, Tyvol, sat proudly on the table to represent the Imperial Xeno Legion. We greeted potential warriors and handed out our trading cards that had our Mego Klingon portraits honorably displayed. Many youngsters came and wanted a picture with the bat’leth. We also saw fellow Trekkers and puppet masters Felt Nerdy. They did a puppet show, and brought along their Star Trek puppets, including a TOS Klingon and Xeno Legion puppets of Spock and a Tamarian. One of the fun panels we infiltrated was a demo of the Kobayashi Maru virtual reality game. The proctors showed how Starfleet Academy cadets could play the game and try to outwit a Klingon ship in the Neutral Zone. Special con guest Jonathan Frakes invaded the demo to tell everyone to watch Star Trek: Picard. At Frakes’ own panel, he talked about how the venerable Michael Dorn, our beloved Worf, once attacked Patrick Stewart by breaking a raw egg on his head! Worf certainly knows how to engage humans in battle! Frakes also did an impressive wide-eyed Gowron impression.

-by The Honorable Kavura