09/27/19 IKV taj HeH’s mission to the daytona feast

0330 the taj HeH departed our sector for the Feast arriving at 0700 C/O Kib’Tore and Cadet Kar’Zack departed and were greeted by games Chancellor chlSwl’. She introduced us to our fellow Klingons and led us to the great hall where the days activities were being held. Cadet Kar’Zack enjoyed hungry hungry Klingons and car racing while I enjoyed the arm wrestling competition, I took home 2nd place. Some Federation members where also in attendance particularly the USS Archer and Captain Scott formerly of Enterprise. Prior to dinner we made a plea for the dead for our fallen comrades. After dinner C/O Khyron of the PKV Shadowbat gifted me his bat’leth. unfortunately the IKV taj HeH was called away early due to reports of Romulan ships attempting to cross the neutral zone. Cadet Kar’Zack was awarded 1 battle point for the mission to the feast.

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