KAG - It does the body good
KAG's own D'ghor made the finals in
the Roddenberry.com contest, Klin Gik'tal Kyamo
(or 'Klingon Combat of Attraction').  KAG members
Qaolin and Kragtowl also made good showings.
Issue #73
Spring 2008

Thought Admiral Kerla
Ship Launches
Promotions and Command Appointments
Crimson Knight Fleet by Krikor
Stormrider Fleet by ChonBey
Cold Terror Fleet by Qob
Cold Revenge Quadrant by K'Allen
Dark Star Quadrant by Gortok
News from the Wild Frontier by Qat'Iy
KAG Quartermasters by garaghQ
KAG Force Recon by K'oron
KAG ELINT Report by QatanI'
KAG Imperial Xeno Legion by KwISt
KAG Spotlight by Qob
Eight Chambered Heart by Krikor
A Klingon Poem by K'Tallia
Poem: Bloodfire by Khieras
Turning Klingon by Kragtowl
The Last Page by Kris