Issue #73
Spring 2008


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KerlaKAG is close to celebrating a mighty landmark for our club....twenty years of being the best Klingon club on the planet!  For some there'll be the big Marcon 2009 event, for more there's the 11th movie, and for all there's the excuse to throw the biggest parties yet.  It's a chance to spend this one more year adding more polish to our show, our crafts, and our finest battle armor.

 What will KAG be like in another twenty years? Who will lead it, and how?  And from where?  Will people still keep in touch over the internet, or will there be some amazing new new way....or several of them, over that time span?  Will the TV show again return from a long break and come out with a new series? Will people still have televisions? Will they make another dozen movies and will any of them include Klingons?  Will they ever make a Klingon trek movie?  If they do, will they mess it up?

 Then, as now, there will always be Star Trek fans.  And among these, leading the way in any number of ways, there will be you, stalwart members of the Klingon Assault Group.  KAG has a glorious history.  We've had our problems.  The infighting is over, but not forgotten. We remember so that in the future, the next generation of KAG leaders won't have to go through the same mistakes.

 As Klingons, we move forward; that is our nature.  We take the long look at our glorious past, then set our gaze forward to an even more glorious future.

- Kerla
Thought Admiral Kerla epetai-MaHcha'
Klingon Assault Group

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