Issue #73
Spring 2008

Kris Greetings!

Initially, I was going to update you on how our birthday party for STARBASE INDY was shaping up.

That convention is dead.  Indy is gone.

The KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP will hold its TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY at MARCON, in Columbus Ohio, held during Memorial Day weekend, 2009.  That's "09", folks.

As I write this, details are still being discussed.   Ultimately, though, I'm not interested in negotiating; I want to PLAY and PARTY.  I'm sure there'll be the usual guests from various sf programs, and the usual art shows and dealer's rooms will be filled with the usual nice crap.  How neat, how swell.   So what....

I just want to see MARCON filled with Klingons.  Uniformed Klingons.  KAG Klingons.  YOU.   A national publicity campaign is gearing up to boast of our little gathering--touting that somewhere between 250 and 300 Klingons will be there, THE largest collection of STAR TREK's best warriors ever.  EVER.

For INDY, it was my intention to bring my prop "bug" from STAR TREK 3: CERTS FOR SPOCK.  I was going to have a chocolate dessert made up in its image...raspberry filling too.  Ah, well... Anyway, I'm bringing my little critter with me anyway.  Makes for a dandy sash!   The petting zoo is open.  One detail to mention now:  Marcon DOES have a group discount rate when there are more than ten or more of said group attending pre-register.  I  guess we won't have any problems there, because we're going to absolutely SWARM THE PLACE AND FILL IT WITH KAG KLINGONS.

So, Klingon, make plans to be there!   MARCON.  Columbus Ohio.  Memorial Day Weekend.  2009.  As details are firmed up, they will be found here in MINDSCANNER---or email me.   Just be there.  Bring your crew and shiniest headpiece.  KAG's 20th Anniversary Bash (Bashing?) promises to be THE social event of 2009!

And I'll see you there!

KAG Founder

John Halvorson
5624 Fair Ave 116
North Hollywood CA

[email protected]