Issue #73
Spring 2008

Force Recon
K'oron Greetings Warriors!

In my last posting I mentioned that my primary job was recruiting and assisting our new members. Well there is another job that I also do that is an older duty and a little less known. I am also in charge of all KAG members that live outside of our established geographic fleets in much the same way as a Fleet Commander would be. I would like to introduce you to them, and welcome them to our club.

The members in Italy are all crew of the ship "IXLV Scourge of Kahless", and have been a part of KAG for many years. They remained with us during a period when communication with them had been non-existant for a while. They are as follows,

    * Lt. S'khndar (Stefano Scarcella Prandstraller) Ship's Commander,
    * Sgt. Kh'gan (Filippo Romano) 1st Officer,
    * Lance-Corporal Evelina Romano Riva,
    * Lance-Corporal Daniela Riva,
    * Lance-Corporal Maria Antonietta Cerniglia,
    * Lance-Corporal Sergio Ferraiolo,
    * Lance-Corporal Marina Bartolini,
    * Lance-Corporal Jacopo Martinolich;
    * Lt Koi tai-Drocklon (Alberto Gorin), in Holland, is an honorary member of the IKV Executioner of Dark Star Quadrant out of Hickory, NC -- senior ship of Dark Moon Fleet of KAG. He also has been with KAG for quite a while. He is frequently the first to welcome new members on the KAGlist.

The rest are not part of a ship at the present time, but are most welcome members. All joined us within the past year.

They are as follows;

    * Lt. Athena tai-Qib (Christine Shultz) in Germany. Lt. Qib has also been appointed Force Recon Officer for Germany and is a former member of KAG that has returned after a few years of being inactive.
    * Lance-Corporal Roucha (Linda Monzak) in Sweden,
    * Lance-Corporal K'relth (David Hughes) in Scotland,
    * Lance-Corporal Joqral (Jonathan Webley) in Scotland,
    * Lance Corporal K'tal (John Sutherland) in Scotland,
    * Lance Corporal K'nera (Louise Lamond) in Scotland.

I posted their names here in hopes that you make them feel a welcome part of the club, and extend them the hand of friendship and fellowship. We also have several prospective members in other locations that we have been in recent communication with, in hopes of recruiting them into the club. I would like anyone that knows the location of former members that live in other countries, to contact them, and invite them back. There used to be a large contingent of members in the United Kingdom and a few living on the European mainland that we would like to have return. If they read this message, or if our current members have contact with them, please contact me.

As I posted before, I see great things in the future for Force Recon and KAG in general. Force Recon is for all members of KAG. Though some members are specifically designated as Force Recon Officers, we are all responsible for the recruitment and retention of members. That also includes bringing back our former members that have disappeared over the years.

Qapla' balth je'

 - Cmdr. K'oron sutai-Trekkan
<[email protected]>
Klingon Assault Group Force Recon Commander
Force Recon