Issue #73
Spring 2008

KAG Quartermasters

garaghQThe Klingon Assault Group for a while now has been without a proper web page on uniforming and props. That problem has been worked out now to some degree. I and a fellow Klingon located here in Des Moines (Jeremy Trout) are working on developing a new and improved, better than ever Quartermaster page for you all to use and enjoy. With all such beasts there will probably be a few bugs, and were planning a few nice surprises as well. It seems though with every single page we write we end up with ten more pages that need to be written. We first put it up on a local server to be able to begin working on the pages  Once I felt that it was fleshed out enough we purchased the new server, only to run into a few bugs there, but soon got those worked out. You can now find the new KAG Quartermaster page at

And to think that just a few years ago Qob was looking to find someone to be a Quartermaster for the Cold Death quadrant! I had no idea what such a job entailed but I was interested, and asked him if he would send me via email what the job requirements were. HA! The joke was on me sort of, thanks Qob, NO seriously I mean it. Instead of getting the reply I was hoping to get, which would have been a description of the job, Qob just answered back, more or less - You're it!

Well I was shocked! I had no idea what I was to do, what Klingon uniforming entailed, etc. Thank god for this wonderful world-wide library on my computer, the internet. I started scouring the internet for everything I could find. Asked lots of questions, and practiced the appearance of being Klingon as much as possible. I soon became the Cold Terror Fleet Quartermaster and not to much longer after that was assigned to be the KAG Quartermaster. OH what large boots was I stepping into. Big Red ones I believe. I don't have all the answers but I am learning still about Klingon uniforming.  There is more to it than just putting on something that looks Klingon.

I am hoping and expecting this year to be exciting and productive. With the advent of my move, and finding better employment, I hope to attend more conventions this year. So hopefully I can get out and meet and greet more KAG members.  I am always interested in hearing from other Klingons about their uniforming efforts, hints, tips, or tricks.

- garaghQ vestaI hurrIc Qulekgh
KAG Quartermaster
[email protected]