Issue #73
Spring 2008

Cold Revenge Quadrant

The Cold Revenge Quadrant has been busy, as we always are. The Quad has grown, adding 2 new ships to the fold. We’ve gotten together to bash each other with bat’letHs, shoot at each other, and drink lots of bloodwine. We’ve gone to cons, guarded Chancellors, and some have attempted to abduct Orion Slave girls.

The 2 new ships we’ve added to the Quad are the IKV Qin Vagh (DFW) and the IKV K’Vette out of Baton Rouge, LA.

Lt. Kahlith, from the IKV Krazy Knife has done a super job on the Fleet’s website, check it out at

Also on a personal note, my family has grown with the addition of my son, Kahless Shane-Lee Carnahan born on Nov. 8, 2007.

Now, for some ship reports:

From Cmdr. Ri’Par, CO of the IKV Bayou Serpent…
Greetings from the IKV Bayou Serpent! We have been busy as always. Since our last Mindscanner report we served as Honor Guard for Robert O'Reilly (Chancellor Gowron) at Babelcon with Ni'vek being promoted to 1st Lieutenant and B’ehrmaq promoted to 2nd Lieutenant for completing his uniform in record time.

Ni'vek and myself also made the 300 mile trip to the Dallas area for the IKV Melota's 2007 fall bat'leth tournament, or was it on Ferenginar?. The weather left much to be desired since it rained everything from a drizzle to all out downpours but we fought anyway with myself (Ri'Par) coming in 2nd in d'k’tahg and second overall in points from the 3 weapon classes. Ni'vek was unable to do battle due to a recent back surgery but got into uniform anyway for the ceremony.

Early February 2008 I made the 300 mile trip to Dallas again to get help building armor for the ship's camcorder to use to film paintball events. The IKV Melota crew was very gracious, pretty much building the armor for me, feeding me, and giving me a place to stay.

On March 28-30 the IKV Bayou Serpent hosted its 5th annual Venom Wars. A total of 5 Klingon ships from the CRQ were theref: Bayou Serpent, Melota, Deliverance, and our 2 new ships the Qin Vagh & K'Vette. Plus many mundanes, including our new friends The Ghostwalkers.

This was the biggest turnout for a VW as well, with over 30 people showing up and playing at one time or the other. First game was a version of capture the flag. A BUNCH of paint got sprayed at everybody. Klingon speedball was next. Its one on one w/ limited ammo. Lt.Cmdr. K'Allen was the winner of that event. Next there were a couple games played by others while ceremonies and food were being prepaired by the hosts.
Worst Bruise---Rotokq
Dah' Har---Mike Beyer
Least Bruised---Bear(Ghostwalker)

July 19-20, in Baton Rouge, LA members of the IKV Bayou Serpent and K'Vette will attend BabelCon. Celebrities in attendance will be Suzie Plackson & J.G. Hertzler (K'Ehleyer & Martok) along with Bob May(robot from Lost in Space).

 - Ri'Par

For the IKV Melota, Cmdr. Salek reports:
ogh wI <>: Lynn Alcala, IKV Melota to Lt. Commander from 1st Lt.
KatoQ: Lakesha Liscom, now IKV QinVagh, to (2nd Lt.) VEStai from tai
T'Paun: Elizabeth Webber, IKV Melota to 2nd. Lt. tai (from sergeant)
Amoreth: Kacy Jetton, IKV Melota, recognized as a Member
Ripar <>: Shane Dison, IKV Bayou Serpent, recognized as an Honorary Member

At Tournament:
Win, KartoQ, Michael Brown, IKV Melota
Place, Ripar, Shane Dison, IKV Bayou Serpent
Show, Qel ogh wI, Mark Alcala, IKV Melota
Batleth, Qel ogh wI, Mark Alcala, IKV Melota
Mekleth, Lord Gaavin, Brian (*), Amtgard
DaQtag, KartoQ, Michael Brown, IKV Melota
Order of Kamin, Qel ogh wI, Mark Alcala, IKV Melota
*Name withheld by the Forgetfulness Program.

This was our first Tournament for it to rain all Tournament long. And, I mean really rain as if a bovinoid found a flat rock.

Best of Batleth 8 does not yet exist. It is coming.

Tournament was one month before the 10th Anniversary of the IKV Melota. Thus we celebrated our 10th Anniversary at the Tournament 14 Ceremonies. Salek just radically blew the 10th Anniversary Speech. mea culpa, mea culpa...

We had our annual Christmas Party with a great turnout as usual.

Our annual fundraiser giftwrapping for Border's Bookstore was a success as we raised $900 for the Safe Haven of Tarrant County.

We are planning our third annual Klingon Ball for the Summer as well as our 2008 Tournament. Still to early for solid dates. The Spring
INformal Campout is tentatively set for the first weekend of May. The last weekend of March has 3 different events. Good Day to Dine (an LSWA event), a Federation Ship's event, and the IKV Bayou Serpent's Venom Wars are all on the same weekend. We shall be spread very thin on the ground. However, we are Grethor bent on sending somebody to Venom Wars.
 - Salek

From Lt.Cmdr Balrahg of the newly formed IKV Qin Vagh…
IKV Qin Vagh
Ships Launch: December 2007
Ships Official first event, December 31, 2007 NEW YEARS EVE!!!
1st Lt Vestai Pluquer (Mike Beyer) Due to his contributions across state lines
2nd Lt Tai paghle' (Bradley Wyld) Costumed
2nd Lt Tai Y'Lesh (Shelly Campbell) Costumed
2nd Lt Tai LaDwI' Qa'Hos (Alice Crawford) Costumed

Strength and Honor

Until next time…

- Lt.Cmdr. K’Allen vestai-bortaS
<[email protected]>
CO, Cold Revenge Quadrant