Issue #73
Spring 2008

KAG Spotlight
on Commander Qe'pa sutai-qul, CO of the IKV Rakehell
by Qob! ([email protected])

LauraWe've known Laura Thurston <[email protected]>, AKA Commander Qe'pa sutai-qul, AKA swaggering tinplated dictator with delusions of godhood, for over 14 years, since she helped co-found the IKV RakeHell. K'hrtas AKA Mary Bertelson stepped down as the first captain in 1997 and Laura began her reign of Terror!!!!!

LauraSeriously, Qe'pa has shown herself to be an ideal ship's captain. She has unstintingly worked to get as many people involved in the RakeHell's twisted mission to enlighten the blighted masses of Terra for 10 glorious years. She is an martial artist, a dancer, a published author and a linguist who speaks Spanish and Russian.  TlhIngan ram nI' bom, the translation of Commedia Beauregard's restoration of the Christmas Carol would have been impossible without her tireless work. She did the bulk of the translation into Klingon and personally recorded a pronunciation guide version of the entire play for the actors to work from. She also played a memorable role in the first staged production (so far) of a play written in the Klingon language.

But the key word I would use to describe Qe'pa is unselfish and kind. OK, the 2 key words are unselfish, kind, and funny... well, anyway, Qe'pa has at all times put the success of the RakeHell ahead of her own. Her dedication to the Empire, to fandom and first of all to her family and friends has enriched us all greatly. Her wonderful sense of humor and talent is seen in the many skits and productions that the RakeHell has done through the years, as she has both performed in them and written many of them. Because of her willingness to defer the glory to others, she has rarely received the credit she so richly deserves. Now! Salute this great warrior!