Issue #73
Spring 2008

by Krikor ([email protected])

Back in December, I had a scare when I felt the symptoms of what I thought might be a heart attack.  I spent a long uncomfortable weekend in hospital, being repeatedly poked and prodded.  In the end, they found nothing wrong with me.  The ample free time this visit afforded me allowed me to finish writing this filk on the subject of the Klingon brak'lul (organ redundancy).  I found the sentiments expressed here gave me strength to endure the many tortures the doctors and nurses put me through while I was in hospital.  I hope it proves equally inspiring to others.

by Krikor
TTTO: Faith of the Heart (AKA Enterprise theme)

It's been a long night
Counting the foes I've slayed
It's been a long fight
Now I've felt my enemy's blade
And I just know one wound has to be my last
Stovokor will call
But they're not gonna cut me down this time
No they're not gonna make me fall

Cause I've an eight chambered heart
No flesh wound's ever gonna sink me
I've got nerves double-lined
I don't fear anything
I've got twenty-three ribs
Two livers so they can't out-drink me
I show off every scar
I've an eight
I've an eight
Eight chambered heart



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