[cover] For KAG by KuurIIs
Positions / Promotions
From Stormrider Fleet by Qaolin
Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior by Cliff Weigel
From Dark Star Quadrant by Keela
The WAR by Qob
From The Quartermistress by K'Jett
Resource Listing
From Twisted Minds... by KwISt
Aloha! by Kubera
From the Imperial Xeno Legion by L. Capt. Aak
Captains' Maneuvers by Krikor
The Naked Stars by Qow'Hoch sutai-Kurkura
CTF Engineering by chayDoch
From Qob by Bill Hedrick
Some Line Registries
Some Conventions in 2002
The Last Page by John Halvorson