Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior

by Cliff Weigel < [email protected] >

One thing you can always rely on with Klingon fandom is when there are those in need or an emergency pops up Klingons come to the rescue. I would like to tell you all about a situation recently that confirms this. Place: St. Louis Renaissance Festival, date: May 12th, 2002. Due to heavy rains and flash flooding over 600 patrons, vendors and cast members were trapped inside the fairgrounds.

The Faire organizers, including former Federation officer Doug Glenn, began the rescue plan which included contacting local fire and rescue organizations. The plan was to ferry everyone out wearing a life vest, one at a time. With more storms expected within the next few hours, and rain already falling, we went to work. With KAG member Thomas Gambino aka Phoenix, James McClure, and Jackie Weigel (XO) of the IKV Honors Pride, and independent Klingons Terry Cupples, Noah Kirkland, and Adam Bortner of the IKV Shadow Raptor on the job all went well.

Noah, Phoenix and Adam ran coffee and blankets around. Jackie and James helped organize the movement of the crowds towards the evac point. James, Noah, Phoenix, Terry and Adam also ran throughout the park saving the property of vendors. Terry and I strapped people and live stock (including a tiger and lion cub) into life vests. Together with the water rescue squad, we got them all out of the park.

Despite any previous problems between individuals in the Gateway Squadron, no one cared that day what club you were in. Rank and differences of opinion went out the window and everyone came together as a family once again and did what we do best...turn a crisis situation into one of hope and victory.

To all the warriors out there that day, Klingon and human, I give a hearty Qapla'. Everyone earned their ridges that day. So please join me in applauding these heros. We all came together to show everyone the true spirit of being Klingon.

with honor,

Lt.Cmdr. mIghQel sutai-Atratties

CO - Cold Blood Quadrant