Mindscanner #57

The Official Publication of KAG

Winter 1999/2000

For KAG  Kuuriis
Promotions and New Positions
Sundragon Fleet Awards
Cold Terror Fleet  by Qob
Sundragon Fleet  by Kr'gahN
Straight from the Water Tower  by K'Han
Demon Fleet  by Kerla
From the Imperial Marines  by Qor'Toq
From Twisted Minds  by KwISt
Battle Group North  by Kev'Lar
Empire Union Day  by Mordok
From the Dragon's Fire  by Kellien
The Way It Was  by Carla
Praxis Report  by Devro_os
Grandma Got Run Over By a Warbird  by Kestrel
The Night Before Kristmas  by Kestrel
Warrior's Win  by Qe'van & Quoshara
The Storm at Qin'laT  by Torik
From the Silvi Klingon Colony  by Kilmarac
From Admiral K'Shin
Honor  by K'Tully
Sundragon Fleet: A History  by Koord
Klingon Hockey League  by K'Han
The Making of a Klingon  by Tajqa
Convention Listing
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The Bundaberg Tour  by B'Leth