Mindscanner #57

Straight from the

Water Tower

by Dennis Hanon <[email protected]>

A strange message appeared on two of the many listserves out there in cyberspace stating that the IKV Stranglehold was again seen at the San Diego Gulls game. Klingons at ice hockey? What is going on here and why put that on the listserve?

Hey the Klingon proverb "ta'mey Dun, bommey Dun" great deeds great songs is at work here. Klingons love to brag about their successes, it's part of their culture. We as members of a fan club should also sing songs of our great deeds. Why? Because it is through these brag fests that other ships can get new ideas about projects they could do. Without new ideas ships begin to stagnate and the next thing you get is cabin fever (theme song of the Stranglehold). Stagnation leads to people leaving for greener pastures and so on.

Sometimes it takes a bit of craziness to come up with ideas. Case in point - a hockey game. This was an idea for a group "fun" activity that we could do in uniform. What type of sport would a Klingon warrior sit and watch, the answer ice hockey because of the senseless violence.

Now that the crazy idea is on the floor it takes putting it into motion. We prefer to check with locations first before appearing at certain locations, it helps to alert places that have security involved. Once we get the ok, then off we go to have some fun. Remember to bring some info about the group because you now have created new areas to get members. Heck this same craziness is getting us into a bookstore to study some new venues for the club to do (gift wrapping and story telling).

Now back to the bragging, I like to hear what people are doing over what we should be doing. The Ring of Fire fleet has some inventive ships who can sing some good songs. The Raptor located in the Green Fire Quadrant was doing a large scale Haunted House for Halloween, the Kahless ro in the Kri'stak Quadrant doing award ceremonies at Quark's in the Experience and the Death Rite also in the Kri'stak Quadrant working the William Shatner Horse Show. If a ship sees these weird ideas that work, then they can contact that ship for info on how to go about it and suddenly you have a system of communication going on. We have had that going on with our school visitation program.

So if you see our ships in the fleet bragging join in on the celebration because it means that the Empire is a little bit stronger from our successes and we must let the world know.

Capt. K'Han Den a.k.a. Wakov Warnok

Commanding IKV Stranglehold

Kri'stak Quadrant

Ring of Fire Fleet CO

Artwork by

QeSlaH (Don Gaffney)