Mindscanner #57

Demon Fleet

by Carol Bockelman <[email protected]>

I was chatting at a convention this summer when I overheard the name Demon Fleet

mentioned. "Oh yes, I've heard of them, they're 'cyber" I overheard someone say.. This was the first time I had heard this misconception, and I wondered how widespread it is.

Although Demon Fleet members have a great time keeping in touch with each other and sharing jokes, info and general insanity via one of the liveliest listserves in fandom, being cyber-active is far from the full scope of Demon Fleet glory.

Demon Fleet spans the globe, and boasts a wide variety of ships of all sizes and interests, and an impressive array of talent, both online and off.

Devro-os and Chevrahanna organize and put on Praxis.. The ships Dragons'Wrath and Dragons' Heart together maintain the glorious tradition of the Feast of the Long Night. The Cha'ouw worked hard to make Beach Bash a success. .

Qurgh, Qoretlh and others are real whizzes with the Klingon language, helping others and translating difficult items. Khatal and Lung moderate a cadet listserve, and Khatal heads up the Demon Knights (a squadron of Demon Marines), as well as being a constant help to new members. VeqtaH and Kilmarac maintain Line Registries. Kwist maintains the KAG Website and puts together the MindScanner. Behind the scenes, Martek and Khaywolf share the work of keeping the listserve running smoothly. Tor'Ka and his crew of the Demon Justice regularly pitch in at cons, handling security and helping out with the work, as well as hosting many a party and presenting a fine appearance.. They are glorious, and growing!

Verchok and the Dragon's Claw crew design and create weapons and models.

The Dark Justice are renowned for their showmanship, and their captain Kerge is an exceptionally talented costumer and makeup artist. K'Jett, M'Leska, Alisaard, NorLlaH, and many others are also talented costumers.

Demon Fleet also harbors some exceptional writers, among them Lady D (comedy), Qe'Van & Quoshara (poetry), Khaywolf & Kwist (satire), Kilmarac and JuDmoS (fiction)

Some members notable for their interest in charity work are Khatal & Ghraevin. The Warrior Spirit, one of the newest ships of the Demon Fleet, has been busy wrapping gifts to raise money to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. Many Demon Fleeters enjoy dual membership, serving KAG in both command and service positions in nearly every fleet and division. In short, Demon Fleet is much more than just 'cyber'....it is an active and vital association, both online and off, of some of KAG's finest!


for the Demon Fleet

Art by

Zuhl (Mark Feeley)