Mindscanner #57

Ah, life in KAG. We play together, do events together, go to cons together, but most important of all, we talk together.

Communication is the lifeblood of KAG. Talking about what we do--or want to do is what lets us all connect to each other. It's what makes this a club instead of some random people wandering around in rubber heads.

Talking about ourselves showcases the talents of our members, the achievements of our ships, quadrants and fleets--not to mention all our divisions. It lets us see what the rest of KAG is doing

We talk in many ways. On our various listserves. On the phone. In person, and, of course, good old snail mail. Newsletters,once exclusively snail-mail, are slowly becoming cyber-zines, and are our biggest voice. They showcase the club's parts as well as showing the club as a whole. A good newsletter is like a good costume, it shows the spirit of the club up front and in your face.

And that's important, because communication has to work in multiple directions. In order to be part of the conversation you've got to speak up. And speak up as loudly and interestingly as you can. Waiting to be noticed can get you nothing but a long wait.

Be there. Show yourselves. Talk to your fellow KAG members. By e-mail, print, phone or in person.You are part of KAG's voice. Your exploits are what make this club great. So let's hear about it, ok?

In service to KAG
Jack Borkowski
1332 Scott Blvd.
Covington, KY 41011-3457
[email protected]


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