Mindscanner #57


by Ed Paulsen <[email protected] >

This year's Praxis was a great time! Steve Murtaugh XO of the IKV Dark Justice (and personal 'ship' the IKV Balls of Kahless <G>), made a couple of our props and did an EXCELLENT Klingon cooking demo, including Pipius Claw.

The irrepressible Damien Burmeister helped with many things throughout the con, including appearing in K'Jett's fashion show in a slinky red vinyl dress that was "all the rage"!; Jeff Park did some nice prosthetic work; and Carl Talliaferro's workshop where he applied make-up to

Bill Blair was a real hit! Not to mention his Grand Nagus for the charity auction.

Jett Borkowski put on an excellent alien fashion show, which was enjoyed by everyone including our stars. Ron Hall aka Bumba aka Kilrathi won the Best Costume and was excited to receive the Mark Lenard memorabilia that we put in his prize package.

The dealers room was full of chain mail, leather and other "fun" stuff, as well as the 'Makoto' battle arena, the center console from the TARDIS (Dr.Who), and a rather energetic K-9 (robotic dog) was seen zipping around the con having fun.

Our 'Stargate' had a slight problem in the foaming process, wherein it had a more lumpy organic appearance than of stone, so we changed the name to the Taelon Moongate and said that it was a sort of living creature, bear in mind that it was over ten feet tall and scraped the ceiling at the Holiday Inn!

All in all, it was a smaller con than we had planned for, but everyone had a great time, and had ample opportunity to mingle with the stars. Next year's Praxis 2000 (or P2K)

when we salute Gene Roddenberry promises to be great, with tentatively confirmed stars including, Eugene Roddenberry Jr., Richard Chevolleau (Augur), Leni Parker (Da'an), Anita DeSilva (Za'or), Von Flores (Sandoval), John Colicos (Kor), and David Prowse (Darth Vader) already requesting to be on our guest list! There is also the possibility of surprise guests coming because of the nature of our event and who we are tributing next year.

We plan on getting the Casual Squadron from Barfleet (who got axed by the hotel only three weeks out) to our next event and hopefully we will see a larger contingent of Demon Fleeters next year. Thankfully we have all of the government red tape out of the way, with the 501(c)3 non-profit status, tax exempt, bulk mailing permits and other requirements taken care of. So it should be smoother sailing.

And speaking of sailing, we are working with Gateway Clipper Cruises to have our Saturday nite banquet out on Pittsburgh's three rivers. As well as getting a regular hall where there won't _BE_ any restrictions on usage (other than not tearing the place up! <G>).

Once we get everything together we will be posting it all to the website, including LOTS of pictures...including the chain mail clad tits that were such a _BIG_ hit throughout the weekend!

In Service To The Fleet!!

Devro_os of the XKV Fatal Scream

Artwork by

Qo'rroQ (Gary Nelson)