Mindscanner #57

Warriors Win

by Qe'van & Quoshara

Dark night

She is there

She is standing


Body striking

Warrior pose

Warrior ridges

Warrior nose


Silent Night

My desire

My delight

As she moves

I follow near

Staying where

She cannot hear

Dark night

Swift feet,

Dart close

Stop. Retreat.

Fiery eyes,

Gaze of steel

Manly size,

Manly feel.

Tall, dark,

mane afly,

warrior heart,

eclipse the sky.

Scent of hunger,

close at hand,

I stop, I turn,

I make a stand.

Threading circles, through dark night air

Heating glance drawn to naked stare

Probing forward, pulling back

Circle through the sense attack

Finding opening, feinting, block

Rending clothing, shivering shock

Revealing self, revealing more

Wrestle on the jungle floor

The heat of battle, I strive and grip

Tasting joy from bloodied lip.

I capture him as he does me

Captured but with souls set free.

My mate, my fire, pierce me through

Like dagger's blade striking true.

My lover-mate. My willing prey

I taste you in my willing way

Consumed with hunger, ruled by thirst

I drink you deeply, feel you burst

Then with dagger sharp and strong

I thrust you deep, I thrust you long

Trailing, tailing, finding, caught!

Within the arms, the arms we sought

Her warming touch, His ready scent

Entrap our souls beyond content

His flaring eyes, Her taste of lust

Her throaty growl, His answer thrust

Aside, astride, within, apart

The beating of the Klingon Heart.

Battleground of senses spent

In loving relaxation lent

No more they strive, conquests end

Hearts in tandem, warriors win.

~~Qe'van & Quoshara~~


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Artwork credits:

Female, upper right by K'Zhen (Gennie Summers)

<[email protected]>

Male, lower left by Kerla (Carol Bockelman)