Mindscanner #57

Sundragon Fleet:

A History

by Trevor Wheate (c/o <[email protected]>)

Kahless had gathered his council and Court around him. The gray in his beard and hair had now spread to cover most of his head, only his beautiful ridged forehead providing a relief of color to his magnificent form. He had ruled his Empire now for more years than most of his subjects had seen.

But age was now starting to weary Kahless. Ruling was a job for the young and strong. Rather than let his Empire slide into decay, he had gathered all around him to name his successor. When he uttered his declaration to abdicate, the court fell silent, only finding voice again when the successor was named.

Some agreed. Some disagreed. Some would oppose. But Kahless knew he had made the right choice and the new Emperor would soon have the Kingdom back into order. Then he dropped his bombshell.

Stooping behind the throne, Kahless gathered up his old battered backpack and Bat'leth and headed out of the Throne Room. " I am going to the Mountains to spend my remaining days as a Warrior," he said. " You will not see me again".

As he crossed the courtyard, the leader of the Twelve caught up with him. The Twelve. Twelve survivors of the 50 that had stormed Molar's fortress with him. The Twelve trusted Warriors that had become his guard and later his council.

"But Kahless" he said. "What shall we do if we need your wisdom? Who will guide us?"

Kahless paused and turned around. He knew his people now could be trusted to make the right choices. But they needed one final gesture, a blessing from the man who had almost become their God!

He raised his hand to quiet the crowd. "My friend, you and the council can rule in my name. Look after my Kingdom." Kahless then felt a strange stirring in him. A miracle was about to occur. He flung his Bat'leth towards the naked stars above. It disappeared in a streak of light, that would later be known as the 'Warp Effect'. He pointed along the river of light to the star they called Boreth. "Look for me there, if you want me" he spoke.

With these final words, Kahless left his people. All reverently cleared the way for him, for who could oppose the will of one who was their prophet?

Traveling on the crest of the freak sub-space displacement wave, Kahless' bat'leth flew through the void at many times the speed of light. It's path was momentarily deflected by the gravi-metric field of an exploding super nova and the whirling weapon appeared above the Tera'ngan homeworld. Above the great Southern Continent, whose original inhabitants saw its curved surfaces and copied them onto their hunting sticks, creating the Boomerang. And the rainbow flash of light it left behind as it departed was worked into their legends. For thousands of years Kahless' influence lay dormant until���..

1995�. Krud and Koord were old friends. For a time they were working in the same office. Then QUEST (Queensland Star Trekkers) received word of the first "Cosmic Cotillion" a costumed science fiction banquet. They decided to attend in the new Klingon Warrior Outfits they had made. The night was a huge Klingon-dominated success! From that moment on, the Klingon influence grew in Australia!

The 1996 conquest convention spurred on many to find their Klingon roots when, the costume Banquet was seized by a small force of Klingons and a cultural ritual forced on them at Bat'leth point! Later that year, Krud finally got connected to the Internet, and soon began researching Klingons on the net. He came across a group called KAG. Soon contact was established The great warrior K'mel and then with T'kul, the head of a small group of Klingons in Australia's Shadow Dragon Quadrant of KAG International.

Then in January 1997 Krud formed a Brisbane based Ship in KAG Australia. Koord was appointed his "Cultural Officer". Soon this ship, the IKV Dragons Fury had grown to cruiser size and started to threaten the existing status quo. Ship numbers increased greatly in Queensland, the 'Fury spawned the Dragon's Vengence (Lt Koord) and 'Deception (Lt Lursa) forming a Battle Squadron. Soon the Shadow Dragon Quadrant reached Fleet status and Queensland became the Sundragon Quadrant of KAG Australia!

The Klingons in the Sundragon Quadrant soon grew greatly in number and became very active, with Klingons becoming highly visible at many social functions. However, unrest was spreading with the more sedentary elements in KAG Australia, and friction was occurring. The Commander of the Shadow Dragon Fleet was no longer very active and leadership and direction was lacking in the Fleet. Admiral Kragtowl saw the plight of the active Sundragon Quadrant and granted them Fleet status under the KAG Australia Banner and Krud was appointed Fleet Commander. The SUNDRAGON FLEET was born!

By early 1998, the Sundragon Fleet was bigger than the rest of KAG Australia put together and was receiving 'defectors' namely the IKV Dragons Blade II (with Lt Krg'ahN as XO) and the IKV Monarth (first ship in Australia), due to the lack of direction in the Shadow Dragon Fleet.

Fleet Commander Krud divided the new Fleet into two distinct groups, the Flaming Talon Quadrant ( Brisbane) and the Firestorm Quadrant (QLD regional).

At the end of 1998 the Sundragon Fleet, at the invitation of QUEST, provided volunteer Museum guides to assist with the official "Star Trek: the Exhibit " display at the Queensland Museum. This was the first time anywhere in the world that 'fans' were allowed to help out and participate with this display. It proved a great success, with a Klingon and Federation presence in the Museums Hallowed Halls every weekend. A Klingon even opened the display. Koord, on prompting from the Museum director, seized control of the stage with the Honor Guard, and Pre-empted the Curator, inviting all ( In Klingon) to enter the exhibit!

At about this time the Shadow Dragon Fleet fell apart and was absorbed into the Sundragon Fleet. Commander T'kul was deemed missing in action and presumed dead. The Fleet was left in the hands of an Ensign who was keen to hand over control to Krud. The remaining ship in New South Wales and Western Australia's IKV Deathblow (2nd Lt molaH, now Sector Commander for Western Australia) joined the Firestorm Quadrant of the Sundragon Fleet. These areas hope to form separate quadrants as numbers begin to rise again! Krud assumed command of KAG Australia and was promoted to Captain, Commander Krg'aHn to QC of the Firestorm Quadrant, with responsibilities for all regions outside Brisbane, Commander Koord QC of Brisbane ( Flaming Talon Quadrant) and Commander B'leth (as well as taking command of the 'Fury) took responsibilities for the newly forming departments. (Fleet staff, Engineers, Quarter Masters and Medical).

In 1999 Koord, Ledel' and Tich started the SDF Warriors Academy. Ten warrior students commenced the world's first "Formalized" Klingon Warrior course under the guidance of SCA and martial Arts certificate holders. Six graduated in August 1999 at a gala graduation ceremony at Koord's Brisbane residence.

April 1999 also saw the Sundragon Fleet hold the first KAG Kamp in Australia, at Cedar Creek falls on the Gold Coast Hinterlands. Kamp Praxis was enjoyed by all who attended and is well on the way to being a Fleet institution. Added to that a vast number of activities and events that have now made us a well known, and visible force in the Australian Science Fiction Community. The Fleet continues to grow and develop, with a strong presence Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales! And it was with great pride this year, that the Sundragon Fleet became recognized as the Fourth official Fleet of KAG!

Sundragon Fleet - Klingon Assault Group - Australia a fast growing Fleet full of aggressive, talented warriors, going places fast!

Watch out for them, they may be coming YOUR way!

Koord vestai-Kahless'toy Lt. Cdr.

Commandant SDF Warrior Academy

Commander Flaming Talon Quadrant

'Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of War'