Mindscanner #57


by Jason McGuire <[email protected]>

Nuq'neh warriors.

I am Commander Kilmarac sutai-JAROV, governor of Silvi colony. This day I come before you with loads of information, vital to our empire. Easy things that you can take care of on your end. While I am not by any means anyone of importance in the empire, I offer this information to you, in the hopes that it will be used. So I begin

Computer Stuff:

Is your empire terminal working? Then you need to get on the Terran internet. Our empire has been working hard glorious days to bring our presence to an ever stronger level of achievement.

Ahh, but you may not know what lies within cyberspace for you? Very simple answer. If you wish to have some suggestions, there is always the E-Corps that can help you. However, I also have my own suggestions for you.

Gamers : If you play quake or its sequels, Klingon HonorGuard, Starcraft, or any of the other Games supported by HEAT.net. You want to get over there and sign up. It's free, it's easy, and it's a great place to link with other players.

Where are the rest of the klingons tho? Again, a simple answer. The klingon empire has established its presence on HEAT.net within the ranks of Clan Sto-vo-kor. Commanding the HEAT division of the Clan, I have expanded its genre to include all games that are playable on heat.net. Come, contact me join CLan Sto-vo-kor and lets show those gamers what a klingon is made of in cyberspace.

But that's not all! The United Confederation of Planets, <http:www.ucip.org> is a simming organization. Hiding within them (but not controlled by them) is the Klingon Defense Force. A small group of players who have chosen the klingon way of life, rather than the tedious and cushy way of the feddies. The Flagship sim, is the KDF qinWih. Which sims on Sunday nights 9:30 eastern time. The sim takes place on the IRC network Starchat, which is accessible at irc.starchat.net port 6667 (for more info see <http:www.starchat.net> and the channel name is #qinWih Come and observe, or if you wish to join contact me for further info.

Your computer is down, or you haven't received it yet? Ahh well, then your in luck as I have some more real options for you to endure... eh, partake of. My knowledge of what groups are formed out there can be lacking at times. So, I now present, the Imperial Drill Corp. This is my idea to bring some fun, camaraderie, and really good-looking parade marching into KAG. For those that are in the Cincinnati area, I encourage you to contact me directly to volunteer to join us, as we create a Klingon Drill team. To Start out, it might take a couple hours every other week to get the ball rolling, teaching those that have never drilled and so on. Afterwards, meeting once a month to practice. Imagine the awe enshrouded crowds as they watch a full team of klingon warriors arching down the street in unison, to Klingon Cadence. Spectacular!

For those that are not within the Cincinnati area, I would encourage one of you to get a hold of your ship, and those ships around you, and organize your drill team. I am volunteering to head up the Imperial Drill Corp and offer to anyone interested in it. Contact me if your interested in starting a Team in your area. The more the merrier.

Ahh, and so now, we have many options to be involved, whether you sit in front of your computer all day, or want to get out there and strut your stuff.

For Glory, For the Empire, For KAG

Cmdr. Kilmarac sutai-Jarov

<[email protected]>