Mindscanner #57


by Amy Corral <[email protected]>

The crew of the IKV Dragon's Fire celebrated at their annual Christmas party with the USS Miramar. It started as a rather tame celebration by Klingon standards, however once the bloodwine was broken into and the Star Trek Monopoly game set up, the party really began. Melk-tag and Kellien whipped up a variety of dishes including fried tribbles, targ toes and pterodactyl wings. We also tried a recipe provided by Kerla of the Demon Fleet - Death by Chocolate Cake. It was a good as everything else. Even the crumbs were consumed with gusto.

We also held our annual promotion / recognition ceremony. KAI KASSAI to the following warriors:

Lt. Cmdr. Melk-tag vestai-Stavones for her acceptance of command of the Dragon's Fire starting in January.

Lt. AlexKlagg vestai-Klaus for accepting the position of Security Chief.

K'Trinna Klaus for promotion to Lieutenant vestai.

Lt. Cmdr. Kellien vestai-Ramoth for promotion to Commander sutai.

And to the rest of our gallant crew for their participation and support for the past year.

We have participated in a variety of fundraisers recently and were very successful. This has allowed us to purchase a variety of gifts for the children of CAPS as well as bring Zantai Klaus to provide additional entertainment. It is always our last event of the year and one we really look forward to.

This year AlexKlagg has decided, since he can't catch Zantai Klaus, he will discover the location of the Klaus homeworld. Since no one has ever been to or returned from that homeworld, this should prove interesting. At least we won't have to worry about reindeer emissions for a while.

All in all, 1999 was a very good year for the Dragon's Fire. We are looking forward to an even better 2000.

Cmdr. Kellien sutai-Ramoth

IKV Dragon's Fire