[cover image] Table of Contents:
  1. For KAG by KuurIIs
  2. New Positions
  3. From The Crimson Knight Fleet by K'ehleyer
  4. Battlegroup by K'Lagg
  5. Cold Blood Quadrant by Meghqel
  6. From Dark Star Quadrant by Keela
  7. From Cold Revenge Quadrant by Karla
  8. Marine Goings On by Kasak
  9. From the Quartermistress by K'Jett
  10. Resource Listing
  11. KAG: Not Just for Klingons Anymore by Krikor
  12. A Song for the Season
  13. Galacticon 2002!
  14. Klag to be KAG Guest of Honor at Galacticon
  15. Speech! by DavI'
  16. Force Recon by Kalot and Sherrie Weibe
  17. Journey to a Primative Planet by Keela
  18. Some Line Registries
  19. GenCon in Milwaukee by KTrean
  20. Bonk, the Klown by Christine Francis
  21. Some Conventions in 2002
  22. Subscribe to Mindscanner
  23. To The Black Fleet
  24. In Rememberance by JubChal