Mindscanner #63
by David Cerame < [email protected]>

NuqneH SuvwI'pu': Once more we reach a milestone. Another month now presents itself, and again we are challenged! What shall we do with this gift of time?

As Warriors, we are presented with many opportunities, and capturing and using opportunities defines the very nature of being Klingon! We plot and we plan to use opportunity well, for we never know when the call of the Black Fleet will reach our ears. Time hunts us all.

So, I ask all of you, have you captured all of YOUR opportunities? Today, do you seek battle with the slinking enemies, or are you content, your heart at peace? Does the love of calm fill you, or is your Spirit restless for Honor and Glory? Does your blood sing, or does the drone of daily life fill your ears?

Arise, SuvwI'pu'! Go to your Pride of Weapons, sharpen the edges! Test the points; will they pierce, or are they turned aside when attempting heavy leather? Practice the betleH and the Daghtagh! Prepare yourself! You are not Federation, worried about the next report, you are Klingon!!

What dirt is there under YOUR fingernails? What have you added to the Record of Battle? Does the tiq of the Warrior still beat? Test yourself, in battle! Gather youselves, and find an enemy, an enemy worthy of your blades! Give them the Warrior's gift, panic, loathing, despair, and fear; fear of you, and your brother Warriors! They deserve no less! Defeat them!

Seek out injustice, despair, abuse, and apathy, among the community and yourselves. Find worthy causes to stand with, shoulder to shoulder with your brother Warriors! Take pride in being Klingon! Repair your armor, and help others with theirs!

Seek others like yourself, and guide them across the River of Blood! You are Warriors! Pevang! Act, don't hesitate! Prove youselves, once again, that you are more than others see. And once more the Heart of the Warrior will fill you.

I grant you my fondest prayer: May the last thing your enemy sees be the flash of your blade and the fierce smile of a Warrior!

thlInghan maH!!

1st . Lt. DavI', Tac/Sec Officer, IKV Swift Strike