Mindscanner #63
Force Recon
by Frank Colbeck < [email protected] >

NuQ NeH Warriors,

I'm passing this article along as a recruitment medium. This article is intended to give you ideas. It came from a former member of KAG Kanada who has entered into retirement many years ago. This article has inspired me greatly and to Commander cHucH sutai-Jev, I still raise my tankard of blood wine to you!

-Kalot, - Crimson Knight Fleet Force Recon Officer



by Sherrie Weibe

More often than not, if you approach someone who has not been exposed to KAG or Klingons in general, their response is going to be lukewarm at best. Recruiting quality people, not just bodies with names to fill out a roster, takes patience and time. Any recruiter can badger, cajole, and coerce a prospective member into signing on, but after they have done it they will fade into the woodwork at warp speed, leaving a paper trail of phantom sergeants throughout the empire.

KAG needs creative, artistic and responsible individuals to fill out our ranks. Personally I would rather be part of a ship with seven members who are active than being on a battleship full of sergeants who aren't active. With responsible people you don't need to micro manage their activities and assignments, you can just get them to get the job done. They're involved because they took the time to make an informed decision to join our glorious club.

Recruiting is not solely the responsibility of your ship's commander or any one individual in KAG. Chances are good that you know someone who would be interested in the club if you approach them in a light and friendly manner (difficult for any warrior, but when in Rome...). Let your friend know the types of activities, fund raisers or community events you are involved in as a member of the club. Invite them to a ship meeting or two to see if this might be something they're interested in. Inform them as to where the next ship meeting is, and then let the subject drop.

Quality people will give KAG a try if it interests them and they have time to devote to it. Don't offend someone who might sign up later simply because you want them now. Remember, patience is not a virtue, it's a tactic.

Another recruiting opportunity could occur when you're out of town. Just because a prospective member is to far away from your ship does not mean you can't recruit them. Another ship, quadrant, or another fleet may need some new blood. Would it not be nice to hear that K'joe gives you a quick email letting you know of a new warrior that wishes to join your ship? Warriors, it is not the small picture, but the big picture of KAG that you're looking at.

If you're in costume for an event, you have an incredible recruiting tool. Everyone wants to talk to the the Klingons. People are attracted to us because of the costuming. It usually gets their attention and piques their interest. You could say we are contributing to the community and having a disrupter blast doing it. This is indeed an opening to introduce them to some of our brothers and sisters. Make them feel that they are important to you. They are.

They are the future of the club. If KAG is to remain a strong, healthy and vital organization, we need to infuse our ranks with the types we were when we joined. It should serve as a reminder to all of us of what we originally strived for.

It is said that familiarity breeds complacency. One or two new active ship members may be all it takes to reactivate and motivate a whole crew.

When attending an event in full costume, I have found it extremely helpful to have business cards available at all times. It allows you to give your name, phone number, and

email address. This way you're readily available to answer questions when they arise. The cards don't have to be expensive or elaborate.

Remember, one new member who is a motivated, responsible and mature individual is worth their weight in gold. That is the kind of person other people want to be around. Those are the Warriors who are going to stay around.

HoS je Batlh