Mindscanner #63
GenCon in Milwaukee

by Terri Marik < [email protected] >

The Gen Con Klingon Jail and Bail was a huge success again in 2001. And I, Ktrean of the House of Ki'RK, had the honor of joining other Klingons, in making it so. This was a joint effort of the Klingon clubs, KAG, KAI and KGB that brought to the local Milwaukee charity, Strive Media, much recognition and money for their cause.

In the four days the Jail and Bail netted more than $1380.00. We even had one master criminal, Nicholai. Who sent his minions out to collect $190.00 to keep him in jail for a total of 3 hours and 10 minutes.

I especially wish to acknowledge Steve Preston, Tor'Ka, who brought his KAG Klingon contingent, and the jail, all the way from Ohio to run this battle. He was a great leader and ran a tight ship. It was an honor to serve with him.

Khaatal (Chico) from the Emperors Hand was instrumental in leading the torture of the prisoners in his favorite torture song, Little Bunny FooFoo.

Admiral BruHazMah was also cleverly disguised as Guinan one day and a Vulcan the next. As a Vulcan she was able to mind meld with a special prisoner, A Teddy Bear (for real) that was traveling around the country after it had been kidnapped. The kidnappers were keeping a photographic record of the bear's journeys before returning it to California.

Also a new KAG Klingon ship was launched at Gen Con and will be patrolling the skies over Milwaukee. Admiral Khaatal officiated in the launch along with Paula Carberry as CO. A lot of hard work but fun times were had by all of us, and I look forward to doing it again next year.

After next year Gen Con will be moving to Indianapolis Ind. So hope to see more Klingons there next year.


K'trean of House Ki'RK