Mindscanner #63
In Remembrance

by JubChal (Garland Young) < [email protected] >

Dan and I sat outside on the Balcony of the hotel at Beach Bash. It was Thursday night. We talked about so many things. So much to discuss so little time. I told him that when I die I want to go into space and see what is there. That's the real reason I love Star Trek so much. I told him that instead of becoming anything like an angel or whatever, I just want a small planet and let me work it, turn me loose. Dan really liked that idea. I know he will do well with his world. In the last Star Trek with the original crew, Kirk quoted James Barrie, when asked "Where do we go from here, Sir?", Kirk said: "... Second star to the right and straight on till morning". It will be morning here soon and I am confident my friend, JuB-naD' ChoH is making good time to his Star.

Sirvivin's friend,


Dan Pocious