Mindscanner #63


by Krikor Ajemian < [email protected] >

Many of you may not be aware that there is a division of KAG for those who want to hang out with the Klingons, but don't want to be Klingons themselves. It's called the Imperial Xeno Legion (IXL); it functions kind of like the foreign legion for the Klingon Empire.

Within the Empire, the Xeno Legion is a place for the dispossessed, mercenaries, and malcontents of other "alien" races to serve the Klingon empire with the hope of gaining honour in this life and a place in the Black Fleet in the next.

Within the club, the Legion serves as an outlet for those who have an interest in KAG and its activities, but who would rather portray a member of some other race apart from the Klingons. The IXL will accept members of any nonhuman race: Romulans, Vulcans, Andorians, Ferengi, Borg individuals, Bajorans, Cardassians, Trill, Jem'Hadar, Ocampans, Talaxians, Kazon, and Hirogen are some of the possible candidates for the Imperial Xeno Legion.

The Legion even accepts aliens from other universes: Wookies, Ewoks, Jawas, Gungans, Minbari, Narns, Taelons, Magog, Apes, and Kzinti are just a few of the possibilities. The only requirements are that the race be from a science fiction source (film, television, novel, comic, computer game, or roleplaying game) and that it be nonhuman in appearance. Some makeup and/or prosthetics should be involved (minimally Trill spots or a Bajoran nose, for example), or a face-covering mask worn (such as a Jawa or Breen). Ideally, the race should have an identifiable costume style or uniform, although a Klingon uniform is perfectly acceptable.

The one unifying element is the Black Rope: a coil of black rope worn on the left shoulder, symbolizing that the Legionnaire is ready and willing to enter the Black Fleet.

The Imperial Xeno Legion is designed for costumers who want to try their hand at something different, and not "just another Klingon". The truly industrious can join the ranks of the shapeshifters: anyone who has at least three different alien costumes is considered to be a shapeshifter (not necessarily a Founder).

Structurally, the Legion is set up somewhat like the Marines. Members use marine ranks, except that they are preceded by L (for Legionnaire) rather than M.

Members serve on the ships in their area, and report to the ship CO. However, they also have a duplicate chain of command that goes from the ship's legion commander, to the quadrant legion commander, to the fleet ambassador, to the head of the Imperial Xeno Legion (who reports directly to the Thought Admiral).

Currently, the Legion is very small, but with a great

deal of growth potential. Ship commanders should keep in mind that the Legion is the perfect place for those potential new recruits who are science fiction fans, but not necessarily Klingon fans. Eventually, it would be great to have at least one Legionnaire on every ship. I know I am looking forward to appointing legion quadrant commanders in each of the quadrants of the Crimson Knight Fleet.

Members with an interest in the Imperial Xeno Legion can find out more on the KAG website at www.kag.org, or contact me at <[email protected] > or (905) 274-9855. The head of the IXL is Leisl Dax (Tina Burns), she can be contacted at <[email protected] >


L Lt.Col. Krikor vestai-jechwI'

IXL Fleet Ambassador,

Crimson Knight Fleet