Mindscanner #63

Cold Blood Quadrant

by Cliff Weigel <[email protected] >

Greetings Fellow Warriors,

When I first joined KAG, I was taught by my ship commander that officers like the Fleet and Quadrant CO and Squadron CO's were above the rest in a speak only when spoken to manner. As I grew up (in KAG that is) I have found the upper level officers very accessible and great to chat with.

I want to let others know that might have been in the same situation as I was, that we the upper command are accessible to all members of KAG.

I want to let all members know what I already do, that it doesn't matter what your position is in KAG, we are all still fans and love to talk about Klingons.

First and foremost I am a Klingon and a fan just like everyone else. I enjoy costuming, fund raising, and of course a good party. But one of the things I enjoy most is helping others get into the spirit of things.

I want to be available to all Klingons in our Quadrant, from the newest ship members to the most veteran officers. I want to have an open door policy just as Col. Haa'wk did.

So let all Klingons of the CBQ know my email address and I will do the best I can to respond to all. My email address is < [email protected]>. I would give my phone number out but the chances of getting through would be slim. My wife has found the wonderful world of online RPG's and she is still connected to the phone line!

With Glory and Honor

Lt. Cmdr. mIghQel vestai-Atratties

CO - Cold Blood Quadrant