Mindscanner #63


by Kevin Watson <[email protected] >

Greetings Troops, this is K'Lagg again! Well it's over, our "9th" Annual Alfredo's Klingon Feast once again went off without a hitch.

Members from the IKV Wolf, USS Havok & IKV rhy'Barb met in port Halifax for our most honored event of the year.

And that's not even the best part; guess who also arrived from there deep space assignment to join us... none other than our Cadet Ship IKV Leather & Lace!

For the past couple of months we all assumed they were destroyed, or at the least MIA, But that was wrong. It has been reported that they spent the last couple of months under communications blackout, due to the loss of their communications array in an ion storm they ran into & haven't been able to contact anyone.

But at long last they've managed to make their way home & are back on active duty in the port Halifax area.

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Welcome back IKV Leather & Lace!
K'Lagg Out!!