KAG - It does the body good
Cover Photo by T'oth Dagon
of the IKV CharghwI'

Issue #71
Summer 2006

Thought Admiral Kerla
Promotions, Appointments, KAG Commendation
Cold Terror Fleet by Qob
Crimson Knight Fleet by Krikor
Stormrider Fleet by ChonBey
Demon Fleet by KuurIIs
Cold Blood Quadrant by MarQIS
Cold Revenge Quadrant by K'Allen
Dark Star Quadrant by Keela
Wild Frontier Quadrant by Qat'Iy
As the Empire Grows by KwISt
ConVergence Report by sqotty
The Gift of Love by K'Tallia
Trek Memories by Dnor
What is a Da'Har Master? by Kragtowl
The Last Page by Kris