Issue #71
Summer 2006


Cold Revenge Quadrant

The CRQ has been fairly active since the last issue. Ships have traveled great distances to attend events, and some lucky ones got to stay in 'their own backyard' for events.

As usual, the D/FW ships have been very active in their areas. The MAV veStargh attended AllCon, where ship's CO, Lt. Sorgh killed Kenny! I'm sure the little petaQ deserved it. Pictures are at .

The IKV Melota has been busy with its many charities, their "Good Day to Dine" and its first Klingon Ball. You can find pictures and after-event reports of these events at the Melota website, .

IKV HovmobwI', our IXL ship, went to the final Camp Dover. They participated in many events, parties, and ceremonies. Pictures can be seen at .

The IKV Deliverance hosted its Annual Paintball Battle - 'Deliverance 4'. Ships attending this event were IKV Deliverance, IKV Melota, and IKV Bayou Serpent. Much paint was shot and many warriors were both killed and got killed. The final battle was "Predator" with the Melota's CO, Lt. Qel'ogh-wI, acting as Predator. At night, he was assisted w/ night vision goggles and a ghilli suit, while the rest of his victims were wearing glow necklaces. While in a 'miss-fire' battle w/ Bayou Serpent CO, Lt.Cdr. Ri'Par vestai-bortaS, one of the Deliverance's crew killed the Predator. This was the first year that our ship, IKV Bayou Serpent, was able to attend. It was well worth the trip up there.

Known upcoming events for the Quad are:

Oct. 13-15: Venom War III, hosted by the IKV Bayou Serpent. All warriors throughout the Quad., Fleet, and KAG are invited to swap paint.

Nov. 3-5: Fall Bat'letH Tournament, hosted by the IKV Melota. All warriors are also invited to bash each other into oblivion.

April 20-22 2007: The IKV HovmobwI' will be attending the Region 1 Summit in Richmond Virginia. This is titled "BOND: A spy's paradise"

- Lt. K'Allen vestai-bortaS

Commanding Officer of the Cold Revenge Quadrant
[email protected]